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IT Relocation Services

As one of the top-notch IT professionals in Singapore, we comprehend the significance of data and IT assets. Any glitches or delay would result in financial loss. Our vast experience assures you a smooth and secure process for all IT relocation services. Beside our IT expertise, ACM provides one-stop relocation manpower, logistics and transportation. We partner with trusted IT mover companies and oversee the entire process. Our company undertakes any IT equipment relocation projects such as moving office and server migration. During the relocation, you may experience minimal system downtime. No worries, your servers will resume back to normal as soon as the migration work is completed.

Our Services:
Co-ordination and projects management with third-party vendors (e.g. Internet Service Providers, network cable contractors, etc) to ensure smooth IT relocation

De-rack and re-rack servers, network equipment and storage
De-commission and commission workstations
Cable management of server equipment
Dispose unwanted IT equipment


Worry-free - Our experienced engineers will access the migration procedure in details. (For instance, the doorway dimensions, power requirements, environmental tolerances, etc)

Our vast expertise - We have the capability to serve your needs. Whether single server migration or the whole data centre, we have the resources.

Rest assured that our proficient data cable contractors and IT specialists will be present on the actual relocation day to ensure the procedure is done in a safe environment.

We do relocation regardless of the distance - Whether short or long distances, we are here to help with the moving of your equipment out of the office or within the office building. Immediate response to emergency - Our team is ever-ready to handle an unexpected situation such as the renovation of equipment location, transporting equipment at the eleventh-hour, or IT hardware arrangement.