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ITM Quicksupport

Fix Engineers Support

Fix Engineers Support is setup so that our team of professional engineers who are experienced with most IT environment and infrastructure to proficiently deal with the common needs or issues that you had to deal with. We assign our team of dedicated engineers who are most familiar with your working environment and perform 24/7 standby to accept any requests or issues you might have. We are confident with our professional engineers to provide not only the best responses time but also the quality customer services to keep your business operation downtime to the bare minimum.

Key Personnel Support

We believe in providing quality service to Key Personnel to ensure business operation concerns are addressed in efficient manner and make sure business process is on the GO.

Multiple Sites Support

Multiple sites support are provided to maintain and service company with multiple locations/sites. Our team of dedicated engineers work closely with our client to help them excel in their business.

We adopt IT Service Management which allow us to closely monitor each issues and allocate proper resources to each location. Including monthly maintenance and service where our team of engineers not only resolve issues but also improve the operational lifetime of the IT equipment.

Multiple Support Levels

Multiple Support Levels is way of providing the best possible service in the most efficient manner possible of sorting and solving any issues that your business has.

We direct you to the right person who is able to resolve the issues within the shortest time possible. Every known issue that we encountered are escalated and kept in the system not only for references but improving response and resolution time.

Level 1 Support

This is the initial support level responsible for basic customer issues. Our engineers will gather the essential information and determine the issue by analyzing the information and working out the solution to the underlying problem. When analyzing the symptoms, it is important for our engineer to identify what you are trying to accomplish so that time is not wasted on "attempting to solve a symptom instead of a problem." When the problem arises, our engineers will be able to offer immediate assistance via Phone or Remote Desktop Support.

Level 2 Support

Our Level 2 engineer in this realm of knowledge are responsible for assisting Level 1 personnel in solving basic technical problems on-site and for investigating elevated issues by confirming the validity of the problem and seeking for known solutions and functional configuration solutions related to these more complex issues. For more complicated issues, our engineers can extend further assistance by providing on-site troubleshooting within *4 hours to resolves the pending issue.

*24/7 4 hour response on-site service subscription for requiring an on-site engineer.

Level 3 Support

This is the highest level of support and a server technical team is specially assigned to be responsible for handling server related issues. One example would be hardware failure and in the instance where the product cannot be salvaged, it must be replaced immediately. We regard server related issues with the highest priority and during such a situation our first step would be escalating the issue to the original developers for in-depth analysis, followed by our in-house thorough investigation of the problem.

Within our corporate incident management system it is important to continue to track incidents even when they are being handled by a vendor and the Service Level Agreement (SLA) may have specific provision for this.

Support Coverage on-site / Off-site Hours

Our maintenance service include both on-site and off-site support and range from basic maintenance coverage during normal business hours to 24/7 premium coverage with a 2 hour response time. 24/7 Service & Support hotline is provided to cover any IT related issues after our normal business hours.

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