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ITM uses a six-stage process for all new engagements: Assessment, Strategy, Plan, Implement, Manage and Review.

As your value-added IT partner, we only adopt IT solutions and strategies that are tested and proven. We ensure that there is no room for assumptions and ensure that the results meet the requirements. More importantly, ITM works closely with you to attain an agreed-upon common goal and every project is assigned to a person who ensures that at every phase of the project is done precisely and to the utmost satisfaction of the client.

ITM emphasises on establishing a common understanding and goals with our clients. This attribute has greatly aided us in forming long-lasting business relationships with not only the global companies based in Singapore but also the small and medium companies.

Service Delivery

ITM has the best experts in the IT industry who have not friendly and approachable but also vast hands-on experience. Fine quality is one of the core pillars of our business. We put in 100% efforts in delivering our IT support and management services to our valuable clients. Besides, we are equipped with well-defined methods and first-class tools that allow us to continually manage and monitor our client systems networks. This enables us to identify any potential problem and execute immediate solutions and at the same time maintaining service excellence.
Application Development
ITM helps companies to reduce unnecessary IT cost and improve the profitability of your business by implementing customizable solutions that are the best fit for your organization.

Each and every solution that we provide is specifically designed accordingly to your preference and requirement. Your organization is not required to make any changes as we will fit in with your existing business process and applications.

Cable Management
Effective management of power and data cabling of a rack can help achieve important overall goals of the IT infrastructure

Enterprise Hosting Programs
Mailing Enterprise is for our partners who host web applications or require huge amount of emailing space and 24/7 support.

Hosted Exchange
Hosted Exchange is an affordable, premium email service that provides you with the ability to communicate better and work smarter.

IT Relocation Services
Be assured of a smooth migration with qualified data cable contractors and IT consultants present during the actual relocation.

We offers complete IT outsourcing services to our customers in specific domains like IT helpdesk, Mid-range server management...

Security Solution
You need to take a proactive stance and implement the right technologies to protect and enhance your network and grow your business

Consultancy & Projects
Understand how your business growth or change will impact your IT infrastructure, so that IT plans and investments accordingly.

Software Application
To rise above your competitors, having the right software applications play an indispensable role in your business. These applications are powerful tools that support and boost your business to be more dynamic and effective.

If your business requires software development, desktop and web-based applications, we are the right one for you! Our vast experience and impressive clientele say it all. ITM is an all-rounded IT solutions company that provides comprehensive solutions that specifically tailor to your business requirements. We provide extensive supports that assist your business in enhancing your current development.

Additionally, if you need ITM to develop an entire software application, we got your back. It is always our pleasure to assist your existing and potentially new projects with requirements such as analysis, coding, database design, testing and implementation.

With ITM, nothing is impossible. We make everything possible.

Moreover, we do provide custom applications as well. We need you to understand that not all off-the-shelf software products meet your expectation and requirements. Custom business software development is a valuable investment that can repay itself in the long run through increased productivity.

ITM helps your business to flourish. That's what sets us apart from other business software development companies.

Every business is unique in their own ways. Other "accounting software" vendors demand you to change your business processes to fit in with their business software. The predetermined notion of these vendors will disrupt your business processes and will also intrude your financial information. Ultimately, their less-modernise accounting systems are not compatible and incompetent to provide flexible financial information solutions that can match up with the demand of modern businesses.

The Business Software is the avant-garde financial information system that addresses and answers problems for companies of all sizes.

The Business Software intertwines and forms as one with your company.

The following are the key considerations of software development:

1. Ease of use
Designing user-friendly systems with bare minimum training required have always been one of our core strengths. ITM strives to create and package complexity and finesse within instinctual and familiar user-interfaces.

2. Scalability
The systems that your company uses have to be accommodative to the increase in demands as your business progresses. We anticipate this and design the system accordingly and prevent any costly re-writes.

3. Robustness
We can obtain reliable, stable and flexible results through delicate and careful design and proper coding. We understand that our users are depending on our systems to work correctly under varying circumstances.

4. Longevity
Computer technology is a dynamic field. ITM understands that nobody wishes to spend on the costly and short-term solution that eventually be outdated in six months. We use mainstream technologies to prolong the biorhythm of our software.

5. Expandability
We engage a highly modular architecture to facilitate modifications and add ons. To ensure portability of the project among all programmers, we assure extensive internal documentation.

6. Cost
ITM completely understands that every company has their own individual budget allocation and might have a tight budget to work with yet needed to maximise the outcome. We can assist you in achieving cost-effective, user-friendly and efficient software solutions that match your needs.

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