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As of today, establishing a business online presence is becoming a norm and in fact an important component. To heighten your business to the next level, you will require a website that can turn visitors into potential customers.

We have the ITM Business Webspace Hosting Pack, an affordable solution that includes a complete domain name, email and web site hosting service.

Domain Name Hosting

We will register and/or host up to two domain names (except HOST-1) for your business, for instance, a .com.sg and a .com. Should you already have a domain name registered with another provider, we can arrange and help you in transferring your domain over to us. This is to prevent and minimize any possible hassle and to reduce downtime.

Email Services

Our hosting packs come with mailboxes with POP3, IMAP and Webmail access. This webmail access includes a generous 500MB standard mailbox size and multiple mailboxes inclusive in all packs (except HOST-1). You are able to provide mailboxes and email addresses for each individual or department in your organization. For instance, ian@mydomain.com, sales@mydomain.com etc. Should you have your own in-house email server, you can opt for a full SMTP feed (HOST-20 pax and above only).

Website Hosting

Obtain plenty of web space to host your company web site with these range of platforms (Linux/Apache and Windows/IIS); support for databases (MySQL and MS SQL Server); web scripting/development (PHP, Perl, and ASP.NET); plus FTP access for uploading your site and downloading log files.

Service Details

  • Registration and DNS hosting for up to two domains
  • POP3/IMAP mailboxes with Webmail
  • 500MB standard mailbox size
  • Option for SMTP email to your own server
  • Linux/Apache and Windows/IIS servers

  • ASP.NET, Perl, and PHP5
  • MySQL included (HOST-20 and above)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (optional)
  • Access to raw web site log files
  • Site backups included

Datacentre Services

If you have a global business network and keen in centralising your IT services, or your web application is pretty complicated and require more functionality and control, then housing your own IT infrastructure in your own premises might not be an ideal solution.

Regardless of one server or a plenty network, it is essential to hosting your infrastructure with a managed safe and secure location that is well-equipped with high-speed network and strong internet connectivity.

This is where ITM Datacenter Hosting Services can support companies to better manage your networks.

The benefits of Server and infrastructure hosting with ITM

ITM strives to provide you 24/7 direct, high-speed connectivity to ITM's core network and internet so that your business will retain its online visibility.

We can also provide a comprehensive maintenance service that includes: configuration of server equipment service, installation network firewalls and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) between your systems and network partners.

Hence, Datacenter hosting is strategically ideal for businesses with complex web and internet applications. Or even an organization that have multiple offices that are keen on centralising their IT services. Get in touch with ITM, let us take care and provide quality network infrastructure service that transcends the rest.

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