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Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage from basic IT infrastructure to user and devices. We ensure that any IT assets within our coverage are well service and support for your business.

Select any IT assets to be under our care and we will provide service & support.

We leverage the business IT operation and ensure the main focus is towards your core business.

The coverage include the following equipment, system and service:

01 Servers - File Server | Backup Server | Exchange Server | Application Server | Web Hosting Server

02 End Users Devise - Desktop | Laptop | Mobile Device | Tablet

03 Office Equipment - Photocopier | Personal Printer

04 Software - Anti-Virus | Operation System (Include Both Windows & Linux)

05 Web Design & Hosting Services - Domain Renewal & Registration | Email Hosting

06 Networking Equipment - UPS | Routers | Switches | Firewalls | Telephone System | Wireless LAN Controller | Wireless Access Point

07 Relocation Services - Server Room | Data Center

What We Do for Your Desktop Support?

Inspection of all network components.
Replacement of network cables or accessories if necessary.
Replacements of hardware parts (that are not under warranty) if necessary.
General health check to assess overall network performance and/or fault clearing of possible network related problems that might arise to ensure the Customer's network connectivity is at its optimal performance; culminating in a report provided quarterly.
Connectivity of printers and other peripherals.
We keep your workplace up to date, safe and fast.

Other Services Included:

Security Management and Virus Control:
Ensure virus signatures for the virus detectors are up to date, that general security management takes place.

Vulnerability Assessment:
Vulnerability Assessment and Fixing: denial of service attack, spoofing attack etc. The assessment service determines what security vulnerabilities exist on the network and various systems and how to fix them.

Network Monitoring:
The Company monitors IT components and transactions for specific events, threshold violations and errors/faults, based on pre-defined metrics. The monitoring service automatically notifies the customer or designated service provider when events such as network outage, in-office server non-availability and link failure are detected.
WAN Link Failure and Last Mile Coordination: For Internet connectivity and WAN connectivity issues.

User Administration Requests:
User authorization administration requests. Requests must come from authorized personnel.

IT Operations:
The Company manages maintenance schedules and administrative tasks such as resource assignments and notification options.

User Support:
Provide Helpdesk services for IT Infrastructure support covering:
Operating Systems
Office Productivity Suites
Email & Browser Support
Network & Connectivity Issues
Software Installation*

Security Management and Virus Control:
Ensure virus signatures for the virus detectors are up to date, that general security management takes place.

Major Virus Outbreak:
Assist with desktop clean-up after a major virus outbreak.

Patch Management:
Central Point for installation of software and patches.

Information Requests:
Information requests and sharing.

Application Availability and Response Time:
Availability guarantee of Customer-standard applications including end-to-end response time for applications.

Advantages of desktop support:
Pro-active, preventative mode.

80% of problems and issues that arise can and will be resolved remotely.
Red flags are discovered and fixed through real-time monitoring by our Network Operations Center before failure happens.
We will make sure you will never run out of disk space, have outdated licenses or that you are working with older systems.
Our main focus: to keep your system up and running at all times!
* This include installing software provided by customer with standard configurations.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Keeping your systems up and running. With ACM's Disaster Recovery services, testing and recovering your systems is quick, cost effective and always reliable. From distributed systems, Linux servers and windows servers, plus all the equipment and storage capabilities required, we have what it takes to help get your business back up in business following a disaster.

Convenience is part of our approach, so you can recover at any one of ACM facilities. You can even have your standby equipment provisioned and shipped to your front door. Whichever option you choose you get vendor-neutral support backed by ACM.

At ACM, we integrate traditional recovery infrastructure in multiple carrier grade facilities with N+1 redundancy. UPS and diesel generators ensure constant operation. There's also climate control, fire detection and suppression systems and 24x7 support staff.

With ACM as your partner your organization will benefit from:

Maximum protection for all your platforms
A disaster proven infrastructure
24x7 access to our professional team
Flexible options to cater to your organization
We keep your workplace up to date, safe and fast.

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