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IT Maintenance Services

Computer network support and maintenance services should be present in all organizations. Building a strong and stable foundation is essential for a business's growth and key performance. This should be prioritised and be consistent in every organisation as IT is ever-changing.

By engaging the right expertise and equipping with the right tools, it will reduce your expenses and disruption downtime. Most companies neglect and have the tendency to ignore the importance of having the right IT hardware for their businesses. Then they will only realise the essence of equipping the right IT hardware and support when they face issues that may eventually lead to a crisis. You may be able to handle small troubleshooting issues on a daily basis on your own. However, what happens if you are unable to rectify an unfamiliar problem?

Engaging a trustworthy and reliable IT service provider to rectify your problems is the way to go. It is necessary to conduct regular IT maintenance to ensure your computer systems are stable and performing well. Having well-maintained systems will support your business with trouble-free computing and time efficient responses. Not only that, having a well-maintained IT equipment such as computer, laptop, network and even server would make things much easier to troubleshoot when a problem arises unexpectedly.

Besides, having regular PC maintenance services aid in extending and maximising the lifespan of the IT equipment. Therefore, Computer Network support and regular maintenance services help your business to cut down on new equipment purchase expenditure and be cost-efficient for a long period of time.

ITM understands that every organisation works differently and has their own unique personalised systems. Hence, ITM adopts the policy of personalised customisation computer support contract to cater to individual requirements.


Here are the features and benefits of our Premium Maintenance Plan:

Immediate Responses
In any event of a problem, our team of experienced engineers are ever-ready to offer immediate attention and assistance via Remote Desktop Support. Based on our vast experience in the IT industry, most issues can be rectified remotely, with a turnaround time of less than half an hour. In many instances of more complicated issues, we will deploy our experienced engineers on-site to identify issues and provide computer repair services. After that, we will provide continuous monitoring to ensure such an issue will not resurface again.

IT Asset Management
We aid companies to strengthen the performance and obtain optimal life-cycle management of the IT assets through proper documentation and accurate hardware/software IT assets tracking. This assists IT managers in the strategic decision-making process and managing the IT portfolio effectively in terms of costing and governance.

Preventive Maintenance
Our strategy begins with familiarising your network and computer systems. From there, we continue with regular monitoring on clients' IT environment in order to have minimal compromises to security and maintain system availability.

Single Point-of-Contact
We are the one-stop provider who manages your entire IT project life-cycle and offers a single point of contact. As such, you do not need to coordinate with multiple partners such as internet service and mobile communications provider, telephone system and servers/workstations warranty vendors.

Certified IT Engineers
Our protocols enable us to maintain a high level of professionalism and diligence. Rest assured that our top-notch engineers are selected through the most stringent assessments.

Customized Maintenance Plans
We serve organisations of different sizes and strengths. Our IT maintenance price packages are customer-oriented. That is, they are based on your expectations and needs. ITM can come in as the role of an IT department required in a company or partake complimentary supportive roles to an existing in-house IT personnel.

License and Warranty Management
We understand that losing a software license or forgetting to renew your warranty coverage on critical system hardware can be a hassle. With ITM's License and Warranty Management, you can avoid such frustrating incident to occur.

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