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IT Outsourcing

In today's content, businesses and IT solutions are inseparable. Every company needs at least a server to run their email, website, data storage and much other work-related applications.

For instance, an entry-level server is the bare minimum requirement for an e-commerce website and supply chain application. This can fetch up to $3,500, with inclusive of the cost of the software and support.

With the advancement of computing and server technology, constant upgrading and servers replacement are essential in every one or two years.

Besides, the ongoing infrastructure expenditures for these necessities (routers, switches, firewalls, rack equipment, UPS protection, backup generators, fire suppression, Operating Software) would easily cost up to $50,000. All these materials are the bare minimum to get a basic data centre functioning.

ACM's IT Outsourcing service is your gateway to capital reduction and flexibility in upgrading your equipment with short-term contracts.

Through the years, ACM has been diligently investing in proven technology, equipment, conducting staff training that is beneficial to everyone. We strive to offer our valuable clients the most reliable data centre at an economical cost. With our up-to-date resources, we are competent to perform services such as setting up an individual server, multiple dedicated servers and even racks of heavyweight equipment for an enterprise level disaster recovery system.

How your savings look like for the first year of service alone:
Value for money, reliable and inexpensive to maintain

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On-site Engineer Outsourcing

ACM believes in building rapport and providing excellent customer service. To succeed in business, you would require a cost-effective solution.

Outsourcing plays a supportive role to succeed in business, especially for SMEs businesses striving to sustain in a competitive industry. Engaging the right IT expert will be a fraction of a full salary.

Your business may have your own internal IT team and resources. However, gathering the apt availability of talents can be quite a headache. Shortage of adequate skills and supports will affect your projects and place your business at risk.

A company can do without bearing the cost of staff utilization. However, in turn of high business demands and the absence of sufficient manpower, the business and the over-burdened team will take a toll.
Your flexible IT resource
With ACM's Flexible Resourcing, we provide support to your team and manage your IT delivery in times of high business demands. Our IT specialists work on a short-term and flexible basis, are available to bridge the gaps in your current resources.

ACM comprehends that every client has their own distinctive uniqueness and each employee brings something to the table. In times of certain high-profile projects, your company may require specific resources and manpower. ACM is available at all time to support at any stages of your projects. We offer a variety of staffing cover that can be tailored accordingly to your project requirements.

Assembling the Right People on Hand

Our engineering and consulting team works hand in hand with a wide range of industry recognised accreditations including Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Cisco, Lenovo, Hua Wei and leading IT vendors. Furthermore, our high-performance staffs hone vast general system, network administration and troubleshooting experiences. Their abilities empower them to adapt effortlessly to your working environment without much hassle.

Our recruitment team ensures that all of our engineers and consulting staffs are skilful and competence in their area of expertise. Strict screening of their credentials and industry accredited are executed before employment.

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