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What is Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

Service Level Agreement is mutual understanding between your company and us where services provided to you will be keep within our service standard. We set a proper baseline for our service availability, defect rates, technical quality and security therefore we will compensate with valued added services for any delayed in services or failed to fulfill any requests. Under SLA, it protects both parties, should dispute arise, with specific remedies to avoid misunderstandings. Thus, we can save considerable time and money for both you and us.

What is "ACM QuickFix Files" ?

ACM QuickFix Files (Specific) is uniquely for the company as any known issues can be easily solved with the files tailored for your business needs.

Why ACM provide us Network Topology Diagram?

Corporate Network Topology Diagram is a map of your business IT infrastructure for us to trace any vulnerabilities and possible issues that might arise in the future for the business.

Will ACM covered our company existing IT equipment?

Yes. In order to ensure that your business is able to carry out their business activities efficiently. In a diligent manner, we takeover your business IT Equipment and provide services and maintenance.

We are ACM existing client, can we additional one more Key Personnel Support?

Yes. Any additional inclusion of Key Personnel Support can be arranged by ACM. Please contact us for further details.

What is counterfeit software?

Counterfeit software is software that has been illegally manufactured or copied. It can be hard to recognize, but missing key codes or components can signal a lack of authenticity. Counterfeit software comes without warranty protection, and you cannot upgrade the software. You also might have a hard time downloading updates from the software publisher.

The internet is full of amazing deals on software programs. Should I purchase from the Internet although I'm not sure whether the seller is reputable?

With effect from 1 January 2005, there will be criminal penalties against significant wilful infringement regardless of whether the infringement is done in the course of trade (i.e. not necessarily limited only to sale of pirated copies). Hence, distribution via the Internet and significant infringement by companies using infringing software can be regarded as criminal offences. It is important for all businesses to put in place policies and processes to ensure that wilful infringing acts such as the use of unlicensed software are not carried out in their organizations.

Can I transfer software from one PC to another?

OEM software installed on a new PC cannot be transferred to another PC/notebook. If you bought the software (Full Packaged Product) at a retailer or have a volume license, you may transfer the software from one PC to another as long as you have uninstalled it from the previous PC.

How would i know what is the appropriate Broadband Plan for my office?

Your broadband plan will depends on how are you going to use the internet. Some of the common uses are below:
- Is it for purely internet surfing and sending emails?
- Is it for uploading videos and images to the net?
- Is if for downloading videos and images from the net?
- Is if for your server that needs to be accessed from outside of your office?
- Is if for your Internet and VoIP use?
- Is if for your CCTV monitoring camera?

What is the difference between Modem Router and Ethernet Router?

Modem Router has the capability to transmits and receives data to and from your ISP via your ADSL connection and at the same time distribute the data or internet connectivity within your network.
On the other hand, an Ethernet Router doesn't have the capabiltiy to transmits and receives data to and from your ISP and only allows you to distribute data or internet connectivity within your network.