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Hosted Exchange

In day to day business operations, connecting within your internal staffs, with your customers, suppliers and partners is a routine. With everything is going digital, the internet became a crucial and indispensable communication tool in all trades.

Being specialists in business IT solutions and networks, ACM strongly recognises Internet service requirements differences between business clients and consumers.

Our Hosted Exchange is a premium email service that is affordable and cost-effective. This service supports your company with the ability to be productive and perform better communication to improve the whole business operations.

Advantage of Using Hosted Exchange instead of Standard Pop Mail

POP is the standard email that internet service providers (ISPs) supply to customers as part of their internet connection service (eg. kenlim@xxxxxx.net). This is the most basic form of an email typically packaged in the services offered by web hosting and domain name companies (eg. kenlim@companyname.com).

POP Email

  • Consumer-grade product
  • Critical data stored on individual local PC, that potentially increases the risk of data loss
  • No centrally-managed anti-virus or anti-spam filtering included
  • Email only.
  • Limitations in technical support and accessibility when out of the office

Hosted Exchange

  • Business-grade product.
  • Data stored on individual local PC and in servers located at ACM will receive regular off-site backup and reduce the risk of data loss
  • Extensive built-in security against any virus and spam
  • Easy accessibility to Email components even when out of the office and at any time of the day
  • The convenience to share Emails, Contact lists, Calendar schedules and documents among many through the Public Folder facility
  • 24 x 7 telephone technical support
  • Hosted Exchange allows you and your staff to access their mailbox from a variety of locations at any time of the day

Hosted Exchange gives you a peace of mind against any email viruses threat and spam.

Hosted Exchange creates the flexibility to share easy access to information and collaboration among your staffs.

Messaging & Collaboration Services

If you were to lose access to your organization's email and data for a day, just imagine how severely your business would be affected. Business operations are being forced to halt and we can foretell how disastrous it would be.

Our Messaging & Collaboration services empower you the confidence and convenience to access data across the enterprise to important tools you use on a daily basis.

If any unexpected situations arise and threaten your business operation (servers, software, work facilities), these services ensure and secure your essential communications capabilities are well maintained.

Our IT infrastructure can offer - reliability and resiliency.

A-Team skilled IT specialists that exhibit high-availability solutions that deliver:

  • Enhance messaging systems' productivity and security
  • Reduce vulnerability and any potential business risk
  • Reduce the demand for internal resources
  • Optimise employees efficiency & customer servicing skill
  • Cost-efficient and simple deployment

The offering of our Messaging & Collaboration services include Dedicated Exchange Environments, Hosted Exchange, E-mail Availability Service and Journaling & Archival of Messaging. The email is a necessity in the element of a business. Having a managed messaging environment is increasingly challenging and complex.

ACM's Hosted Exchange Service eliminates any technical administration issues, intensifies messaging reliability and uptime across the enterprise. Our service caters to businesses from small to mid-sized. We provide access to the latest version of Microsoft Exchange, implement robust security and storage features. This service grants you everything of a basic email to value-added options that are budget friendly.

The core benefits of Messaging & Collaboration services:

  • Enhanced messaging
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Reduced demand for internal resources
  • Flexibility

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