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Up to this present point, it is a common understanding that IT is the key business tool that creates a significant competitive edge among the rest. Failure in utilizing the advantages of IT will eventually cost your company to be taken down by your competitors. As IT is constantly evolving and getting powerful each day, we have to be mindful not just the advantages of IT but also the risks factors as well. New projects, technologies and developments need to be handled smoothly and precisely as to bring any inevitable interruption to the bare minimum.

ACM's capabilities and efforts are greatly acknowledged by our clients and we have a proven track record in delivering diverse projects and providing pragmatic solutions, be it from a single network or to high-end server disaster recovery. Our team is well-established with talents that possess a comprehensive range of technical abilities, attained years of industry knowledge and experiences that enable us to match up with your high expectations and budget.

Consultancy Services:

  • Vendor specializations that include: Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Cisco, Lenovo, Hua Wei and more
  • Systems and network construction planning and design
  • Business continuity: Backup, disaster recovery and replication
  • Planning and implementation of the Server and Communications room
  • Remote office networking, VPNs and teleworker/mobile solutions
  • New projects, deployments, mergers and consolidations
  • Migrations and relocations
  • Infrastructure: LAN, WAN, remote access, virtualization and storage
  • Compliance: Tightening email security and archive, data protection and product life-cycle

Proactive: IT Manager

This is the era where IT is constantly evolving and businesses are to keep up with the rapidly changing world. To confront the rapidly-evolving world around us, you need to have solid IT systems and supports in place to adapt to changes. Reactive IT support is insufficient in this fast-paced world as we ought to act in advance to deal with an expected change or difficulty. We should take on a proactive stance and attempt to prevent future problems. ACM recognises the significance of IT systems to most businesses and the potential complications attached.

Often seen in SMEs companies, IT is used for the sake of it without understanding the importance and opportunities they bring to the table. The possibilities to improve your IT and business are often disregarded and unaddressed. Without any structured and constructive guidance will position the company in a pool of overwhelming issues. Besides, business IT systems need a systematic and sophisticated approach in order to grow and expand the IT management and operations. Hence, we need to establish a common ground that every business needs an IT manager.

ACM's IT Manager is a management level service that meets your IT needs. This service covers the job scope of what an experienced IT manager is expected to do to keep the IT systems functioning and business running. Moreover, this service supplies you with an experienced and qualified IT management resource that proactively assesses and manage your IT through proper backup and data policies planning to implement future developments.


The fundamental step for the IT Manager is to conduct a comprehensive system and network analysis, followed by a meticulous review.

Subsequently, ACM will analyse on your business practices to resonate the intention and objectives of injecting IT into your business model so that we can anticipate your future needs. Once we are done establishing a common ground, your IT Manager will be overlooking the IT infrastructure and ensure that everything is under control and operating accordingly.


ACM IT Manager serves as a guideline to direct your staff and implement any necessary changes that will boost your IT performance. IT Manager also functions in a way that ensures your users know how to manage your IT through tailored made orientation and usage policies. The orientation will cover the technical aspects by training them on how to operate all these systems. Should they experience any simple technical issue, your users will be able to do their own troubleshooting and keep the processes in place.

Strategy and Planning

The primary objective of the ACM IT Manager is to fully utilize the current existing IT infrastructure to prevent any additional investment. If there is a need for any upgrading or enhancement, we will justify the requirement with a Technology Roadmap. This roadmap serves as a blueprint of your network infrastructure and assists our clients to visualise the network topology. As such, we can align the expectations and stay on the right track to grow your IT and business that is within the budget. Moreover, Technology Roadmap takes both transitory and longstanding goals into consideration. The IT Manager cooperates with you in identifying the potential risks and formulate any policies that you might need. These required policies such as strategic disaster recovery planning and backups.


Once the implementation phase commences, your IT Manager is ready to improve your IT strategy as and when your business changes. Your IT Manager holds the responsibility to maintain your processes and polices, advising on new technologies awareness and strategic IT management throughout the whole engagement journey.


Keeping on top of your IT performance and its cost-effectiveness for your business is crucial. Your IT Manager will regularly review with you to report on your IT position and Technology Roadmap. We will also review the performance of the infrastructure and highlight any hardware or user areas of improvement and will indicate to you the performance of the ACM support being provided. To peak performance of your business, the IT Manager will conduct regular checks and review your IT position and Technology Roadmap. ACM will also evaluate the performance of the IT infrastructure and highlight if any hardware requires any improvement and attention. We will also provide you with an evaluation of our support performance.

Benefits and Features:

  • Delegated IT Manager point of contact
  • Orientation for IT Contact
  • Regular IT and service evaluation
  • Technology Roadmap
  • Network and system audit
  • Risk Assessment
  • Vendor Assessment
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Warranty Management
  • Asset registration and Management
  • Warranty Management
  • Software License Management
  • Backup and recovery policy
  • Data protection and security policy
  • ACM QuickFix File Support
  • Technical IT advice
  • Procurement advice
  • Regular Evaluation Meetings
  • IT systems documentation ('handbook')

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